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Here is one of our Biotech Alerts that returned 150-200% in about 6 months

Shark Biotech Alert - AMRN

AMRN is developing AMR101 a synthetic form of Omega-3 which is found in fish oil which has been found in numerous studies to lower triglycerides which are fat deposits which are found in blood. A level which is too high has been found to lead to increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

Currently there is one approved drug for treating elevated triglycerides, a drug called Lovaza sold by GSK which does $700 million in sales here in the US. Lovaza is just a concentrated version of fish oil which has the drawback of containing a substance called DHA. DHA is found to raise LDL cholesterol which means that patients with high LDL which is quite common in patients with high levels of triglycerides cannot take Lovaza. AMR101 on the other hand since it is a synthetic form of Omega-3 does not contain DHA and will be able to be used by patients with high cholesterol.

AMRN is currently undergoing two concurrent phase 3 trials for AMR101 which should be completed by the summer of 2011. The good thing about these trials is that there is substantial research which shows that Omega-3 helps to lower triglyceride levels so the risk of the phase 3 trials failing are lower than your usual phase 3 event. The company has enough cash to complete the studies although I think they would take the right partnership deal before the studies were completed if it came along. They are also actively looking for a partner to fund trials in order to get European Union approval.

AMRN's market cap is a bit over $200 million although they did a dilutive financing with warrants to fund the phase 3 trials which if exercised would push the valuation to near $300 million. Keep in mind however that GSK paid over $1.6 billion for Reliant the company which developed Lovaza and although Reliant had other medications Lovaza was the gem .

The stock has had a good run over the last couple of months as the company has gotten it's story out to new investors. However I think as the next 12-18 months until the phase 3 data is released the stock has the potential continue to go higher. If the company signs a big pharamceutal partnership that could give the stock a big boost as well. I am starting a position here in AMRN although not a full position, as I want to leave some room in case the stock gets a bit cheaper.

Long 1500 AMRN $2.11

Shark Biotech Alert - DNDN

Shark Biotech Alert

DNDN is down almost $3 in the pre market on rumors that the FDA will be having an Advisory committee panel to decide on the approvability of Provenge. This is a bit of a surprise if true as it was assumed that since the company already had a panel several years back which was voted on positively they would not be another one.

However even if there is a panel is see almost zero chance the drug is not voted on positively by the panel, and thus approved by the FDA.

I added 100 shares at just under $30.

Added 100 DNDN $29.9

Shark Biotech Alert - DNDN

Shark Biotech Alert - DNDN

DNDN is continuing its pre market decline I added another 100 shares at $29.3

Added 100 DNDN $29.3

Shark Biotech Alert - DNDN

Shark Biotech Alert - DNDN

DNDN just exploded to the upside after an FDA spokesman just said that there would be no panel for Provenge.

I am going to sell the other 100 shares from this morning here at 34

Sold 100 DNDN $34

RevShark on Biotechnology

Biotechnology stocks are one of the most explosive sectors in the stock market. When they are hot no other group does as well. However with substantial rewards also comes extremely danger and that means you need to be well prepared.  The key to success in biotechnology investing is anticipating and understanding the news flow while balancing risks against rewards. 

Shark Biotechnology editor, Daniel Rosenblum, not only understands the science involved but is a master of navigating through the mine field of clinical studies and FDA approvals.  If you want to find the best opportunities in biotechnology give Shark Biotechnology a try. 

~ James ' RevShark ' DePorre

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